Fun Stuff for Kids Around Naples, Florida

For your family vacations to be complete, you need to accompany them with entertaining, fun and educational activities that the whole family enjoys. Naples area in Southwest Florida is among the best places where you can achieve this as the place offer endless fun for your entire family. Although many people know Naples as a playground for adults, you will find plenty of opportunities for your children to keep them busy and happy in this paradise coast.

Naples offers miles and miles of flawless beaches dusted with gentle surf and powdery white sand for your vacation. Besides its beautiful beaches, it stands apart from many other places in the coastal Florida for its numerous family friendly activities. You cannot visit Naples and miss to adventure its vicinity to the Everglades. Be sure that your kids visit the new children’s Museum of Naples located in the North Collier Regional Park along the Livingston Road.

You should also take them to enjoy the sun-n-fun Lagoon waterpark found at the North Collier County Regional Park. You can also go to the Naples Zoo especially one at Caribbean Gardens after letting your kids experience the global community through teaching offered at Golisano children’s Museum of Naples. Of course, not only your children will benefit from visiting the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, but also grown up. The Conservancy has a great interactive museum for learning about nature, including the Florida environment, kayak rentals and narrated boat tours of the Gordon River.

To help you have a fabulous Naples vacation, we have picked five of the best places that provide the greatest things and activities in Naples. We hope that the list will help you be sure and schedule some family time to learn and explore about this nearly natural Naples.

1. Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

Founded in 1919, Naples Zoo combines recreation and conservation to offer fun for your entire family. It is a home for giraffes, tigers, lions, reptiles, alligators, and many other exotic animals inside a 44-acre historical botanical garden. Other than enjoying a walk-through style Zoo, expect to hand-feed the herd of giraffe, among other full day activities and shows.

The Zoo is educational, well priced, entertaining, and fun, making it one of the coolest things to do with your family. You will discover several rarely seen creatures such as the wildly and fierce Africa honey badgers and the striped hyenas. The multimedia Safari Canyon Theater will enable your family to understand wildlife in thrilling ways through wildlife video, live camera close-ups, and living animals. Furthermore, the Zoo setting around the Caribbean Gardens gives you many opportunities of getting quite close to the animals and other creatures in it. Sometimes, you can just be a very few step from them!

If possible, it is good to tour the zoo early in the day, as the animals are more active when the weather is Coolest. In the afternoon, you can head to a Naples beach! You also need to spend at least four at the Zoo to take in all representations and sights. If your kids are hungry, get healthy drinks and food in the Wynn’s Market at the Naples Zoo.

2. Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples (C’mon)

C’mon is the first measure devoted to young hearts and families in Southwest Florida for them to learn through play. The Museum invites your entire family to tour through the Everglades swamps, climb a two-story banyan tree, wind through a maze, or experiment the beach play station. In fact, your family will find something new to do at any day, and you can check what to expect on the C’mon their online calendar.

The museum a 30,000 square foot building that offers 12 hands-on exhibit galleries, some temporary and other permanent, to ensure plenty of learning and fun. In fact, the development of these exhibit galleries involved experts of child psychology with the aim of fostering creativity, curiosity, self-esteem, and empathy through state-of-the-art technology. You will sure leave this museum with a feeling of satisfaction that your kids have enjoyed a day of educational and thought-provoking fun. Your kids will as well leave thinking only about the next visit.

3. Collier County Museum

You can find his museum within the Collier County Government Center. It dates back in the late 1970s with many knowing it for its ancient displays and artifacts. There is also a lecture hall, gift shop, and traveling exhibits in the main gallery of the museum.

The Naples museum allows you to see several prehistoric animals including saber cats and mastodons. You will also have an opportunity to learn about Seminole and Calusa Indians trailblazers, World War II, and frontier families, as well as various modern issues such as development and tourism. Collier County Museum has two historic homes, both changing and permanent exhibition galleries, a recreated log fort, and Seminole Chickees, among many other features.

4. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida

If you are looking an educational and fun way for your family to spend the vacation, consider visiting the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. Here, you will enjoy many activities including guided kayak tours, the little Explorers Pre-K programs, wildlife hospital exhibits, Junior Vet Lab, and environmental education lecture series.

The Conservancy was founded in 1964 few concerned citizens in Naples managed to stop the construction of a highway through Rookery Bay. Ever seen, it has shown dedication toward protecting the natural environment and quality of life in the Southwest Florida. Your visit is not complete if you miss visiting the Bradley Nature Store, where can select from the nature-inspired jewelry, gifts, toys, t-shirts, arts, cards and art. Other features you should not miss include live sea turtle exhibitions and touch tanks as well as electric boat ride.

5. Sun-N-Fun Lagoon Water Park

This r park offers a wide range of fun-filled water-based activities, rides, and adventure for guests of all ages. The park has four pools with the water temperature controlled, over a million gallons of water, a lazy river, a concession stand, five water slides, a splash playground, and several other amenities.

Besides, your family can get spacious and clean changing area as well as locker rooms with shows. Beverages as well snacks are also available in the several cafes and snack stands. Any member of your family can get a fantastic swimming pool that matches his or her swimming level, and they include the Turtle Cove, Dolphin Dive, Tadpole Pool and Lap Pool.

Fun Activities For Kids That Don’t Involve TV



Plate Of Bubbles – This is an interesting activity and enjoyed by children of all age groups. All you need a small plate, one plastic drinking straw, dish washing liquid and tap water. Pour just two drops of dishwashing liquid right at the center of the plate. Run tap water on the plate, with water pointing on the dishwashing liquid. This will create some bubbles or foam. Carefully place the plate on a flat surface and ask your child to point his straw into the soapy water. Blow the straw gently to create bubbles. Make sure you make blow slowly and steadily to create huge sized bubbles.

Animal Jumble – It is considered to be best with more than 3 children participating in the activity. However, it can be done with 2 kids as well. All you need is to assign each participant with a secret animal part. Let the children choose their animal. Ask each one of them to draw their part on a sheet, plain cloth or construction paper. The whole idea is that the other participants don’t know what the other ones are drawing. Once they are done, ask them to cut their parts from the paper or cloth and tape them together. They’ll have an animal figure.

Cartoon Strips – Anyone who’s been to kindergarten know this game pretty well. All you need is a pad of plain sheets. Start sketching a character or object from the extreme left of the paper. One the next page, draw the same figure again, but in a slightly different pose and positioned a bit toward the right. Repeat the process on each page until you reach the extreme right side of the pad. Once you are done, fan the pages with your thumb and watch your character in motion.

Coffee Can Stilts – Take 2 coffee cans and poke a hole on each using a screw driver. Use bailing twine, rope, and strands of yarn. Put them through one hole and take out from the other. Make sure that the rope is long enough so when your child stands on the cans, the rope gets high enough for them to be held firmly in his hands without hunching over.

Cookie Cutter Glitter – Pull out the glue, glitter, construction paper, stickers and cookie cutters. Trace around the shapes of cookie cutter, pour some glue over the shape and decorate it with glitters and stickers. It’s easy and fun!

Feely Box – Take a box of any size with a lid. Cut a wide hole on one side of the box and place an object inside it. Ask your child to put his hands inside the box and guess the object. If they can’t make the right guess, give them hints to find the right answer.

Hide The Object – You can use any ordinary object and play the hide and seek game with your child. Hide the object anywhere where your kid can reach easily. You can also set a different theme for each day and have your child look for the hidden objects. Tell them what the theme of the day is and let them use their brains to fetch out the object.

Writing Box – If your kids are in kindergarten, you need this. Take a wide box with a lid and put all the crayons, pencils, markers and other similar things in it. Tell your kids that this is the place where everything needs to be kept once the work is done.

Picnic Indoors – Take a bright colored basket and fill it up with paper plates, utensils and cups. Make home-made sandwiches and pack some fruits, juices and muffins from dessert. Spread a sheet in the living room and let your kids have some real picnic fun indoors.

Paper Bag Puppets – This requires only a brown paper bag and crayons. Draw a cute face on the bag with the help of the crayon or marker and you have a puppet. You can decorate the face to add more detail into it, such as yarn for hair and glitter for cheeks.

Collages – Save old magazines and ask your kids to cut out some interesting pictures from them. Have them paste all those pictures on a cardboard. You can hang that cardboard in their room or any other place in your home to showcase their creativity. You can make it more challenging by assigning a theme to cut out pictures.

Coloring Pasta – Place a handful of uncooked and dry pasta into a plastic zipper bag. Add a few drops of food coloring and a spoon of white vinegar. Close the bag and ask your kids to shake the bag until the pasta gets completely colored. Spread out the pasta onto a paper plate and allow them to dry. Create different colored pastas. Once the pasta is dry, use yarn to string together the pieces to create necklaces and bracelets.

Shadowboxes – Use black or brown paint color to paint the inside of a shoebox. Now use white crayons or stickers to make stars and moon to create a nighttime scene. You can even make use of small plastic toys to create a live scene inside your shadowbox like having a spaceship taking off.

Indoor Hopscotch – Use white chalk to draw out a hopscotch board on the cement floor or pavement. Once you are done playing, wash off the chalk with warm water and mop.

Family Memory Game – Play this interesting family memory game by asking your kid some questions like “What is your Grandpa’s first name?” Make them look through an old photo album and ask them to recognize the faces.

Hot Beanie – This variation of old favorite “Hot Potato” makes use of a beanie type toy. Have all kids sit in a circle and toss the beanie from one person to another.

Name That Tune – Hum tunes of jingles and popular songs that can kids have heard before. Ask them to recall the song and reward them for each right answer.

Create A Story – Ask your kids to create a story together. Let the first one create characters and the next kid will say the next part of the story and so on.

Never Ending Adjectives – Ask your child to pick an object, and the next one will add the adjective in front of the object. The other one will add another adjective and the game continues until the sentence stops making sense.

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Sardines – Reverse Hide and Seek – In this game, one child become the hider and others are the seekers. But, when the seekers find the hider, they join him in the hiding place until all the players are stuffed in one place. The first one who found the hider gets to hide next.

These activities are great to do indoors on rainy days. You can even do them while on vacation at a place like The Dunes in Naples, Florida.